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Syndan Towne Square
Rules and Guidelines
Rules and Guidelines
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Rules and Guidelines
Otherwise known as 'The Code of Conduct'


Syndan Towne Square reserves the right to ban, suspend or delete any character found violating the terms set in these rules. If another player finds someone violating any of said rules, they may report it to Syndan administration, but screen-shot evidence is required.

-Be Respectful

You don’t have to like everyone at Syndan, but we ask that you respect your fellow players. It should go without saying, but... If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

-Limited Profanity.

The majority of profane language is allowed for the sake of good Role playing. However, we ask that such language is kept to a minimum, and reserved for just that: Good Role Playing. Remember that this freedom of speech is a privilege in Syndan, not a right. There is one word, however, that will NOT be tolerated: The ‘F’ bomb. Yea, you know what we mean.

-No OOC Racism, sexism, etc.

when In Character, it is perfectly reasonable to be racist against other IC Races: many dwarves hate elves, and I’ve yet to meet a goblin that doesn’t hate everyone. That being said, any sort of racial slurs directed towards a player (and not their character) will not be tolerated. Should you decide to begin insulting someone based on their gender, ethnic heritage, geographical location, etc. your account(s) will be suspended without warning and will more than likely be deleted pending Administrative decision on the specific case. This is your warning, heed it well.

-Sexually Explicit Conduct.

Any sort of sexually explicit conduct is banned in public rooms. Enough said.

-OOC chatter

Refraining from speaking OOC in IC rooms is strongly recommended. It is considered very bad form (and very annoying to other chat room patrons besides). A few words here and there is okay, but don’t let it get out of hand.


Spamming is the repeated posting or e-mailing of unwanted information on the internet. It will also not be tolerated anywhere in Syndan, and will result in a warning, followed by character suspension if such behavior persists.

-Forum Rules and Guidelines

The forum uses the same rules as the chat. Bar none.

For more Guidelines visit the Combat Etiquette Page. There you shall see the way you will fight if the event arises in Syndan.

Forum Rules and Guidelines
The forum guidelines are for the most part, basic.  I don't think there is much I can say that you could follow in the forums except for everything that is in the previous paragraphs above. So.  For the forums, just apply the same rules for the site.  And I do mean for it to be a bit more free than the chat. Sooo..Have fun and be free! 

Syndans' Economy
To make things clear and simple, Syndan's currency is based on gold, silver, and copper coins.