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Syndan Character Profiles

Red Dhiza Xiaou
Orick Talivaloe
Prion Viver
Red Dhiza Xiaou

Red Xiaou

Characters Full Name Red Dhiza Xiaou
Characters Race and Sex Human, Female
Characters Age 17

Personality Distant. Tends to be Dominant, timid around others.

Height and Weight 5'3, 100 ibs

Occupation None.

Class(Peasent, Traveller, Assassin, Lord) Assassin
Siblings None

Parents Unknown.

Birthplace The Black Pheonix Tribe. Location Unknown.
Something unique about the character She's a ninja dressed in samurai armour with a bounty hunter after her.  200,000 for her live capture.
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Tan
Alighnment Evil
Build Slender
Traits Marksmen, Swordsmanship, Martial Arts,
Close Friends None
Interests Horseback Riding, Hunting, Tracking
Favorite Place to Hang Out Someplace alone.
Favorite Quote None
Enemies Everyone..
Guild or Clan Black Pheonix
Wife and kids
Most valuable possession Her twin duel katanas.
Husband and kids(If you left Wife and Kids blank) None.
History  Red Dhiza Xiaou is a young warrior from a
clan that was thought to be nothing but a fairy tale.  Her clan, the
Black Phoenix Clan, was thought to be non existent.  Only until after a
major war between her clan, and another, did word leak out of this primal
people.  They have been around since the dawn of man.  Their ways are
unknown, and their language is that of their own.  Japanese and their
own intertwined together to form a much more complicated language. !
It was only after her people were wiped out by power hungry bounty
hunters.  They killed everyone, yet captured Red as she tried to limp
away.  She was taken with them, only about 15 of them left.  The battle was
a one sided victory, due to their advantage of sneaking into the
village at night.  Never did the Clan think that someone would know the
location of their village.  It was the mistake of a new soldier, leaving a
path open for others to follow.  Eventually she snuck away from the men,
and made her way back to the village.  Her place was in ruins.  The
town burnt, bodies left for three days in the sun.  The smell was so
horrible, Red could smell it form nearly a mile away.  Yet, she took the
time to bury the entire village, including the buildings.  She only took
what she needed.  Her armor, weapons, clothes, and her horse.  With
that, and barely two days ration of rice, she made her way far away from
the village.  She ventured to this new realm, one with people.  He!
r worst fear, people.  They speak a language she barely knows.  The
common tongue.  Not only that, but the bounty she carries on her head is
great.  200,000 GP for safe return of Red.  What is the reason for a
live bounty?  None other than to study her.  To study her ways, and her
bloodline.  Only  -Red knows the secrets now of a lost civilization.

Appearance:  She has short blonde hair, to her shoulders, layered.  On
each tip of the layers, is dyed red.  On her person, is a simple black
tunic.  Black ninja style pants, and sandals on her feet, bound with
leather like twine.  On her forearms, ankles and chest, are black
bandages.  Over her clothes, is her samurai like armor.  Iron and bamboo,
extremely strong, painted a bright Red color.  Two duel katanas are on her
back in an X fashion, along with various other weapons on her.  All of
her weapons are coated in some kind of poison.