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Syndan Character Profiles

Orick Talivaloe
Prion Viver
Red Dhiza Xiaou

Lord Mordreth
During a jousting tournament

Characters Full Name Lord Mordreth Dehavellar.

Characters Race and Sex Human, Male.

Characters Age 24
Personality Withdrawn, often brooding.
Height and Weight 6'2, 210 lbs.
Occupation Guardian of the Temple
Class(Peasent, Traveller, Assassin, Lord) Paladin
Birthplace Syndan.
Something unique about the character
Hair Color Black.
Eye Color Dark Blue.
Skin Color Pale.
Alighnment Good
Build Strong.
Close Friends
Favorite Place to Hang Out
Favorite Quote
Guild or Clan
Wife and kids
Most valuable possession His longsword.
Husband and kids(If you left Wife and Kids blank)
History Born into the noble family of Syndan and raised to knighthood,
Mordreth's past is similar to that of any other Paladin. He served as a Squier
for years, training and learning, under Sir Vincent Chateaux. At the
age of 18 he experienced his first war as a knight, fighting far from
Syndan in the vast deserts, where it was said he killed Sultan Al-Neebd
with his bare hands. This rumor, however, has neither been confirmed no
denied by Mordreth. The next four years dragged on perhaps the bloodiest
and most brutal war to occur in hundreds of years, and at the end of
it, Mordreth returned a grown and rich man. A mill of rumors beat him
home, however, some claiming that his sword had been forged by the gods
themselves, others claiming that he was the living avatar of justic!
e. Of course, these were denied by Mordreth, but rumor can be just as
powerful as facts. This is perhaps the reason for his selection as
guardian of the temple not even three months after his homecoming to Syndan.

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