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Syndan Character Profiles

Orick Talivaloe
Prion Viver
Red Dhiza Xiaou

Me and my best buddy

Characters Full Name Lloyd
Characters Race and Sex Shadow, Male.
Characters Age 25
Personality Nice, caring, cautious, jumpy, can be disant around others
Height and Weight  6'2, 200lbs
Occupation Dragoon/Legion
Class(Peasent, Traveller, Assassin, Lord) Lord/Knight
Siblings Unknown
Parents Lost Contact
Birthplace Delfire
Something unique about the character His special untapped powers, and his pet dragon
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Green
Skin Color White/Tan
Alighnment Neutral
Build Muscular/lean
Traits Pointy ears. Marksmen, spearmen, swordsmen, fangs, smithing,
Close Friends None
Interests Crafting jewels, training his skills as a Dragoon
Favorite Place to Hang Out Wondering around, on a big green hill, with the blue sky above him
Favorite Quote "You can't touch what you can't see."
Enemies Everyone on the island Delfire, and the 7 Dark Sages
Guild or Clan Green Dragoons/Shadow Legion
Wife and kids None
Most valuable possession His pet and his armor, but his pet would be number one
Husband and kids(If you left Wife and Kids blank) None
History  He was born on
the island of Delfire, off i the middle of no where only conected to land
by a suply ship. He grew up beleveing everything his parents and elders
told him about the main land and the creatures that lived there. At the
age of 5 he saw the cargo ship come to the port, and he saw th!
e "creatures" and he imediatly wanted to know more. His parents and
elders would not answer his questions only scolded him and beet him. At
the age of 10 he snuck on board the cargo ship when it came to port and
he was taken across the sea to the mainland. He was met there with
hostility and hatred, he traveled the wilderness never stopping in one place
in fear of being captured. A few months after he got to the mainland he
was captured by 7 Dark Sages, that wanted to draw out his true power so
he could exact revenge on those who hurt him, but he resisted and
escaped with a new friend the pet dragon he now has. He traveled around for
5 years and joined the Green Dragoons and was trainded to be a Dragoon.
He later left the guild insearch of more answers. He met up with
another group of people, they were like him, misfits and some even from his
home land, he was schooled in the weapons and martial arts form of a
Shadow, basectly quike silent moves and techniques ment to do cla!
n the Shadow Legions, was attacked by the sages in search of him,
everyone was killed but he escaped and lost the sages. He now stands at the
edge of either a new life, or an ending to it all, he seeks a safe
place to stay, a home, a job, anything to take him mind off what he was
been threw.