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Syndan Character Profiles

Orick Talivaloe
Prion Viver
Red Dhiza Xiaou


Dual Katana's



Characters Full Name: Ringo Nyx

Characters Race and Sex: He's a hybrid mix between 4 different races. Angel, Demon, Drow, and Vampire.

Characters Age: 5000. Looks, like, 27.

Personality: Evil..just evil.

Height and Weight: 6'7 170 lbs

Occupation: Assassin

Class(Peasent, Traveller, Assassin, Lord): Assassin/Rogue

Siblings: Umm..4 brothers; Dringo, Bringo, Sphynx, Lingo. 1 sister who he is oblivious to; Jade. (Yeah, before he became evil he actually cared about his siblings)

Parents: Fringo, and Airiana.

Birthplace: Everdale.

Something unique about the character: His chemical makeup, and genotype, and knowledge of alchemy allow him to have the blood of a certain type of race, so he is then part of it.  The proess involves contact and a ceremony.

Hair Color: Black.

Eye Color: Dark...most of the time they're brown, but when he's actually applying himself in battle, in other words, mad, they are crimson.

Skin Color: Pale.

Alighnment: Chaotic Evil.

Build: Lean, and strong, doesn't really look it though.


Close Friends: Drizzt Valas is pretty much his only friend now..who would want to be buds with a chaoticly evil vampire?

Interests: Killing. 

Favorite Place to Hang Out: Well..His favorite place to be would be a forest.  He feels at home, and more comfortable mostly in a forest.

Favorite Quote: Don't have one.

Enemies: Vampires, and guards of any town..'cause they end up chasing him wherever he ends up becuase of some crime he committied.   

Guild or Clan: None. Forever guildless.

Wife and kids: He almost asked Kiana to marry him.which was awhile ago, but other than that no.

Most valuable possession: His ancient nodachi, Oblivion.

Husband and kids(If you left Wife and Kids blank)

History: Ringo was born in Everdale, and grew up with his 4 brothers, and 1 sister.  His parents, Airiana and Fringo were Lord and Lordess of Everdale.  A family of it started out, but unfortunately, the plans were changed. As was, one night the enemies of Everdale came bounding out of  the forest bordering the ancient city.  There was a battle, and the Bealls' being young at the time, fled to the river that ran through the opposite side of the forest, away from the armies' attack.  It was dreadful..their parents slain, the city in ruins, they became rogues..for a day or 2.  As they made their way down the rive they came upon a stout house, seemingly made poorly by some old countryman.  Soon to be known, the Bealls would be living there, with a nice fatherly figure named Bolvai...fatherly indeed...a veteran of many wars, and expeirence in the wild to boot.  The Bealls had a pleasent and adventure filled childhood accepting the idea of this new friendly stranger taking them in.

Those years went by and by..too fast for them it seemed, Bolvai watched, getting older, the young ones he so cared for, they went their seperate ways.  Ringo had become a teenager, about 19, destined to wander the lands, and make a life for himself.  His travels took him a long way, and on many adventures, eventually catching up with his brothers here and there. (Of which, the adventures, I will not explain or go into detail..'-.-' I have a book on Ringo alone.  It would be too long to type it here.)

Ringo eventually wandered upon Dragon Court, then spent sometime in local Salamander, after the happenings there, his trouble grew, and he decided to take a look at Syndan.  Will his adventures end here? Will this town be cause for the end of his criminal acts? Stay tuned...

After the downfall of Syndan, and Ringo was once more alive, thanks to his one and only friend, Drizzt Valas.  It was as if a dark box exploded within Ringo, setting free feelings, urges, and thoughts they he never had before.  He became much like what Drizzt was..evil.  The 2 evil ones left Syndan.  Now they are on a search, a hunt, for blood.  They do nothing but kill now, and they're even thinking about bringing back their old group they used to have...