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Syndan Character Profiles

Prion Viver
Orick Talivaloe
Prion Viver
Red Dhiza Xiaou

Prion Viver
The Linsang

Characters Full Name Prion Viver.
Characters Race and Sex Anthro Linsang, Male.
Characters Age Lost Count.
Personality Silent and calm but can be easily irritated.
Height and Weight 5'11 and about 200 lbs.
Occupation Spell Weaver.
Class(Peasent, Traveller, Assassin, Lord) Shamanist.
Siblings All dead.
Parents Long dead.
Birthplace Another plane of existence. Known as Furlonas.
Something unique about the character Chain Smoker.
Hair Color Tan with black spots, and black stripes around his tail.
Eye Color Blue.
Skin Color Covered in fur.
Alighnment Chaotic Neutral.
Build Toned.
Traits Faster reflexes due to him being an Anthro. He can see astral and speak to spirits. Really an amazing mage. Deadly with throwing knives.
Close Friends All dead.
Interests Magic.
Favorite Place to Hang Out Anywhere quiet.

Favorite Quote  "You haven't seen anything until you've lived as long as I have. Days pass by as if they are but a dream. And the cruel reality? It is one you will never wake up from."

Enemies None. He doesn't like confrontation that much.
Guild or Clan Loner.
Wife and kids None.
Most valuable possession An amulet that protects him from spirit shamanism.
Husband and kids(If you left Wife and Kids blank)
History His history, you will have to find out IC. THough this may prove to be
a task in itself, for he likes to hide his memories away from himself.
Calling them forth is like digging up his own personal demons once
again. Something he does not enjoy.